YouTube is coming to your Volvo

YouTube video playback will come to all Volvo cars with Google built-in, reflecting a continuation of the partnership between Volvo Cars and Google.

YouTube will be the first video platform to be featured and available for download in Volvo cars on Google Play. This is the beginning of enabling video streaming in cars.

When travelling by electric car, longer journeys might prompt a charging stop – and with video playback available in the car, Volvo drivers can spend their charging break enjoying livestreams, news, shows or their favourite creator’s latest video. It can also make the waiting for takeout or for a friend more enjoyable.

Crucially, Volvo Cars does not compromise on safety and will only allow for videos to be played when the car’s is fully stationary.

“Allowing our customers to watch videos while charging or when waiting to pick up their children from school is part of our promise to make their lives better and more enjoyable,” said Henrik Green, chief product officer at Volvo Cars. “With YouTube and other major streaming services coming soon, our customers can enjoy their charging break instead of seeing it as just a hassle – making electric car ownership that bit easier.”

The partnership between Volvo Car Group and Google started when Volvo Car Group announced it would be first to integrate an infotainment system powered by Android with Google apps and services built in.

In addition to videoplayback, Vovlo Cars and Google are today announcing that customers soon will be able to download navigation apps like Sygic and Flitsmeister, charging apps like Chargepoint and Plugshare, and parking apps like SpotHero and ParkWhiz where available.

The introduction of video playback coincides with the announcement that Volvo cars aims to seamlessly integrate with Google Assistant-enabled devices, which basically turns its cars into smart devices.

This integration with the Google Assistant-enabled devices and the introduction of YouTube allows Volvo cars to act as an extension of drivers’ living environment.

Combined with an audio system that can rival many home set-ups and the inherent restful nature of Volvo interiors – a closed off environment that features noise reduction and comfortable seating – the car can serve as an extra personal space without disturbances. Since Volvo Cars’ offer also includes unlimited data, customers can watch YouTube as long as they want.*

“The car is a great venue for enjoying video and audio, so I would not be surprised if this means that people spend more time in their Volvos, even when they are not going anywhere,” said Henrik Green.

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